We deal with knitters who use state of art machinery
such as Pai-Lung, Mayer’s & Cie, etc.,
We also deal with flexible knitting mills that can knit
mass amount of quantity and minimum as well.


We deal with SKAL certified dyeing factories which uses
soft flow dyeing machineries and perform organic dyeing methods.


Embroidery division has 18 heads of Japanese BARUDAN machine s.
We can do all kinds of embroideries, heavy appliqués, and sequence
design up to 9 colors. We are using imported laser cutting machine
for appliqué cutting to get 100% accuracy.


Printing units equipped with imported machines capable of printing
innovative trendy designs in Pigment, reactive, discharge, Non-Pvc,
Flock, Sublimation, Thermal transfer, Digital and all kind of special
prints by using latest print technique, also we have rotary printing
machine can print up to 9 color AOP and s-rogue automatic printing
machine which can print infinite colors.


10000 plus square feet of working area includes cutting, stitching,
checking, ironing, packing departments, also we have more than 15
well equipped production units which were our sister concerns.
  • Knitting

  • Dyeing

  • Embroidery

  • Cutting & Stiching