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Design and creativity, quality fashion products and technical goods of high added-value have been identified as major competitive advantages of the textile and clothing industry. In a framework of global competition, research and innovation are crucial elements to further develop the knowledge base of the sector and to provide fresh impetus to a sustainable and competitive industry.

To satisfy the high demands of our customers and for continued renewal, Peak Performance engages in on-going development of materials, design and technical solutions. Our R&D labeled garments undergo extra tough tests before being introduced on the market. The garment tests are performed by professional sports people affiliated with our Peak Friends. Very often, the solutions and techniques first developed and tested in our R&D, are later found in garments from Peak Performance’s other collections.

  • We are here to prevent the mistakes before it happens ‘In Bulk Production rather than finding it after happened.
  • Keeping this principle in our mind, we at MANGLA FASHIONS have derived inspection procedures to ensure that the standards and specifications required by buyers are followed and maintained by t he manufacturers, during production of t he goods.
  • Our inspection procedures have been appreciated by all manufacturers & Buyers, as it quite simple and easily adoptable. Moreover, it arrests all errors, before it happens.
  • Our MANGLA FASHIONS office will conduct the following inspections depending up on the various requirements of individual orders/buyers.


  • We recommend all our manufacturers to make the pp sample only from t he bulk fabric, to ensure that there will not be any discrepancies in bulk fabric at the later stage – i.e. at production floor.
  • So once we receive the PP sample, our office will check and forward them t o buyer for approval. In the mean time counter pp sample given to our Q.As enabling them t o do the fabric inspection to check following parameters.
    • Fabric weight
    • Fabric Color
    • Fabric Construction
  • If there is any difference in the bulk fabric from the PP samples, we advice vendor to take necessary act ions Like re processing to achieve correct fabric weight (or) dyeing defects. By this, we ensure fabric is ready for cutting without defects, prior to pp approval of pp samples from buyer.


  • To review complete Comments with factory given by buyer, since sampling till approval of PP samples
  • Meticulously, review the construction / Sewing operations involved to foresee difficulties and Caution factories accordingly
  • Also reviewing the fabric status and production plan to ensure achieving the Delivery dates as given


  • Once the Preproduction Samples are approved by buyer. We make a Complete Size set Samples (In all Sizes) Covering All Ordered color ways, to ensure if all t he comments given by buyer is incorporated
  • A lot of comments are exchanged from proto / counter sample t ill preproduction sample stage. Hence to consolidate the changes and comments given at various stages, we request our vendors to make a complete size set.
  • This helps Both our Q.As and Vendor to already foresee the difficulties at production floor and to visualize if print / Embroidery size fit s well for all Sizes as per recommendation of buyer etc


During the production process, we control quality and achieve the standard expected by Buyer. We are using the following check list as a general inspection guide for inspecting goods.

  • Styling details and method of makeup is exactly the same as the sealing sample, unless otherwise specified on the approved report
  • Labeling and swing tickets are as specified.
  • Measurements are as specified on production size chart.
  • Fabric is of the correct quality and weight, and it is without flaws or stains.
  • Color of all trims, threads, zips etc. is correct.
  • Prints and embroideries are positioned correctly
  • Seams are secure, especially at joins/junctions and ends of cuffs and hem welts
  • Stitching is free from slip/skip stitches and that seam grinning is not apparent
  • All seams are to be correctly tensioned balanced, lie flat and seam width is even throughout. They must not be puckered, grin or crack. All raw edges are over locked. Stitch density is as sealed sample.
  • There is no needle damage.
  • Button and buttonhole stitching is neat and secure, and that buttonholes are correctly aligned to the button
  • Reinforcing is present e.g. bar tacks, shoulder tape etc.
  • Stripes and checks to match at side seams and centre front, collars to be balanced and pockets are even. Check that stripes do not run off along the hem line.
  • No shading within the garment.
  • Ribs and cuffs are of even width throughout their entire length
  • Collars and pockets are securely sewn, evenly balanced and correctly aligned
  • With front fastening styles, check that all front edges are level at the hem line and that the top placket adequately covers the under placket
  • Garments are free from loose threads and that threads are cleaned from inside and outside of each garment
  • Garments have been correctly pressed, that they are not over pressed and glazed or under pressed and creased.
  • Garments are hung/folded and packed exactly as detailed and check all labels/stickers on bags are correct

Lab test report

We recommend our vendor to submit Lab test reports on the bulk fabric from a reputed lab to ensure the specifications on dimensional stability, Rubbing fastness & color fastness are met as per the industry standard. Incase of Specific Standards available from Buyers, we pick the samples at Random from the bulk and send it to Reputed / nominated labs for Testing.

Pilot Run

• Once the Pre production Size Set is approved, we request our Vendor to arrange for Pilot run of 50 to 100 pcs.
• This gives a Wide Scope for improvement and Setting correct quality Standards at production floor to ensure the comments and cautionary steps are correctly implemented for achieving better quality results.